Project Management

That success in your funding project is no coincidence:

K&S Projektmanagement GmbH is your constant and reliable companion in the project!

Coordination of national and international projects

We provide coordination, management and quality assurance for all necessary reports such as interim, final, and milestone reports as well as deliverables. With our extensive experience, we can offer fully developed document templates and, for specific sections of the reports, even provide text modules. Furthermore, we have various self-managed platforms available for collaborative work.

Project monitoring for national and international projects

In project monitoring, we can tailor an optimal package for you based on the following points:

  • We monitor the project scope and content.
  • We manage the reporting and perform the quality assurance of the documents.
  • We handle time planning and escalation management.
  • We plan and monitor project resources.
  • We perform risk management.
  • We manage the internal project communication.
  • We manage publications and result processing (dissemination and exploitation).
  • We can manage the change management.

Project administration

The fundamental service in project management is project administration, which including:

  • Schedule management
  • Meeting Support (agenda, minutes, participant lists, presentations - both face-to-face and online)
  • Document management
  • Contact management and maintenance of communication tools


Corporate Identity

We assist in designing and implementing a distinctive visual identity for your project, including a logo and graphic elements, consistent color scheme for all documents and presentation materials. When creating templates, we also establish the approprate basic structures, including instructions, as these are often specified by the funding agency, particularly in interim and final reports.