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Managing Director






Richard Kahle
Managing Director

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Team Lead
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Björn Herms
Team Lead Controlling

Since its stablisment in 2003, K&S Projektmanagement GmbH Team has been offering a comprehensive range of services for national and European funding projects. Funding projects play a crucial role in ensuring the future viability of organziations. Prioritizing resources and balancing project activities with day-to-day operations are critical factors for success. This is where we come in, working together with our clients to ensure that their projects are not only funded but also successfully achieve their goals in terms of time, quality and ost. With our contacts to funding agencies and project sponsorts, we serve as a neutral intermediary to facilitate your work. Our motto " You do the research, we take care of the rest", is not just a cliché but a promise we make to our clients.

Funding projects provide not only technological innovation but also a well-defined framework in terms of objectives, timelines, and result exploitation through consortium agreements, which can help establish or strengthen customer-supplier relationships, for example. The financial resources obtained through funding projects, typically in the form of non-repayable and non-taxable grants that can be recorded as net income, are an important aspect but not necessarily the most crucial one, based on our experience.

Our clients value K&S Projektmanagement GmbH for our dedicated and knowledgeable employees, whose motivation stems from their daily work with cutting-edge research, innovative technology, and international research teams.

We look forward to embarking on a joint project with you!

Our services range from supporting you during the application phase to efficient project administration and successful project completion. We ensure this by continuously building the competencies of all team members through the introduction and training in appropriate methods and processes in planning, control, and reporting. We also go beyond the traditional boundaries of project management and are not afraid to rethink project management. Agile project management, a relatively new approach within the national funding landscape, is part of our methodology repertoire, alongside the well-known waterfall model .

Competently and independently, we support our clients in their management tasks, freeing up their time and significantly contributing to project success.

Our team consists of diverse project management experts who collaborate on an equal footing. The friendly and appreciative atmosphere within our team extends to our collaboration with clients. We see ourselves as partners to our clients, always keeping our focus on trust, reliability, goal orientation, and mutual success in the future.

Funding projects are subject to different guidelines depending on the funding provider (federal government, states, EU, specific funding instruments). The multitude of regulations can be challenging, especially for organizations that participate in funding projects for the first time or infrequently. This can lead to incorrect project cost estimation or suboptimal calculation of hourly rates, resulting in underutilized funding opportunities. K&S Projektmanagement GmbH supports you from budgeting and application stages to ensure smooth and optimized reimbursement processes later on. During the project implementation phase, we provide expert guidance on any necessary reallocations (national) or amendments (EU). If needed, we can also handle any open questions with the funding agencies on your behalf.

Over the past 20 years, our Controlling team has budgeted and managed several hundred funding projects for various funding instruments and supported audits when required. You can rely on our background knowledge and the expertise of our controllers for your funding project.