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Support by K&S

We support you in both national funding application process and the preparation of proposals at the EU level. We also assist you in finding suitable project partners. Together with you and the other partners in the consortium we develop the various components of the respective funding application.

Benefit from our many years of experience with various funding agencies!



National funding applications (federal, states)

  1. We analyze the calls for proposals and the necessary evaluation criteria.
  2. Coordination of project outlines
  3. Support in developing both, the partal project description (Teilvorhabenbeschreibung - TVB) and the overall project description (Gesamtvorhabenbeschreibung - GVB)
  4. We assist in budget calculation and consolidation of the project budget in accordance with the funding guidelines.

International applications (EU)

  1. We analyze the call and the respective evaluation criteria.
  2. Coordination of partner activities during the application process.
  3. We create specific text sections (e.g., project management, result processing) as well as overview graphics, consolidate partner contributions, and provide platforms for document management.
  4. We review applications for consistency, structure, and formal requirements. Additionally, we can provide proofreading and document formatting.
  5. We assist in budget calculation and consolidation according to the funding guidelines.